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A Bloke Down the Pub Told Me...

Advice is an amazing thing. Whether it’s now or in the future, getting the right advice can set you on a path to achieving your goals.

If your goal was to get your car fixed, you’d get advice from a mechanic. If your goal was to fix a burst pipe you’d call a plumber, or, if you’re really brave, watch a 20 minute YouTube video about how to fix it, spend three hours trying to fix it and THEN call a plumber.

What if your goal was to buy a house? Who would you go to for advice? I still meet people who come to see us only after they’ve spoken to their mates, parents and…….the bloke down the pub.

Only last week, my own brother did exactly the same! He’d travelled up from Newcastle to visit and he told me he was desperate to buy the house that he rents. His friends had been telling him that, because of his credit commitments and the lack of a deposit, he could not get a mortgage. I stared at my brother in disbelief. After, apparently, years of wanting to buy this house, he had never met up with a broker, made an appointment to see his bank or asked his own brother, who happens to be a mortgage adviser, for advice. After a few choice words (that only Geordies would understand) we started talking about how he can achieve his goal of buying the house.

My brother’s case did turn out to be tricky, but we were able to find a bank that would accept his circumstances, and now he’s on his way to buying the house. If only he’d asked me years ago!

I don’t believe for a second that anyone out there is trying to give bad advice. The truth is, that most incorrect advice comes from fact. It’s just that some of these facts might be outdated or misinterpreted.

As of last week, there are now 5000 mortgage products available in the UK. There are more and more opportunities to be accepted for a mortgage, find a better deal, save money on your monthly payments, get your current mortgage paid off earlier, the list goes on…

It all starts with a bit of good advice.




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